Your résuméis your personal brand; it is your written presentation to the world, and should make you as noticeable and memorable on paper as you are in person.  A poorly-presented résumé can keep you -- the best person for the job! -- on the bottom of the pile.  Christine's Critiques will expertly tailor your résumé and cover letter to help you polish your personal brand, nail that promotion, or land that job!

A well-written proposal; a well-presented business plan; an engaging website: all are instrumental to the success of a business. Presentation is everything, and without the best presentation possible, the perfect product may be overlooked by consumers, and an amazing company may be overlooked by investors.  Whatever your company's requirements, Christine's Critiques will craft the language that will get you noticed, increase your customer base, and position your company for success.

Résumé Design


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