A Note From The Editor-In-Chief:


 So... I'm Christine!

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my website, and for considering (selecting???) Christine's Critiques!

(Note: When not authoring a professional document, I write the way I speak; it's a complete stream of

consciousness, and you may get lost in my parenthetical thoughts, but fear not: my professional work

looks nothing like the shenanigans you are about to read below.)

After years of writing and editing documents for work, and for family, friends, friends-of-friends, colleagues, and even people I met at grocery stores, so many of them had suggested I open a business that I finally took their advice.  (Not a-one of them has not, at some point or other, referred to me as "a nerd"  or "wordsmith," to the point that I have seriously contemplated adding "wordsmith" to the "Skills" section of my own resume.  I've managed to restrain myself... so far....)

Anyway, after years of sitting on the fence about it, there were two events that helped me finally make the decision.

​First, a colleague for whom I had completely overhauled an old résumé (which needed updated formatting, a few edgier fonts, and some $4 words here and there) managed not only to land a new job within days (like four days) of applying with his new résumé [to some of the same places he had applied previously with his old résumé], but also found himself being contacted by several other companies looking to hire him for similar positions within the very next week; they even got into a bidding war over the guy(!!!).  All it took was the best possible presentation of the work he had accomplished over the years, and voila! These companies found that the employee of their dreams was right under their noses all along; tehy just needed to see a résumé that caught their attention, and his finally did.

Second -- and this was truly the deciding factor for me -- was the name.  Yep; I'm that simple.

A friend of mine (for whom I have also written and re-written several résumés and cover letters, tailored to several positions, over the years) suggested the name one day, after running nearly breathless back and forth over the many reasons I should start a business that would put my writing skills to good use.  The name "Christine's Critiques" was too perfect to pass up, and it did not escape me that there could be a little play on words in the name ("scrit" is a root in English and the romance languages, derived from the Middle English word scrit, meaning, "a writing, a document, or a scroll."  (See Gutenberg.org and TheFreeDictionary.com.)  Think of the language Sanscrit; the Spanish words for "desk" (escritorio) and "to write" (escribir); and our own English words that are derivative of scrit: scribe, [manu]script, and of course, JavaScript(!).  (Hey -- if the Oxford English Dictionary can add the word "amazeballs" to its registry in 2014 and still keep a straight face, I can add JavaScript to this-here-little-list-of-mine.)

The nerd/wordsmith in me could go on and on, but I'm about to miss "Jeopardy!" so I'll cut this short.

Anyway, once that bug was in my ear, there was no stopping me; I bought this very URL within the next 48 hours, and here you are, right now, reading all about it!

Christine's Critiques