• ​​Résumé critique and composition (specializing in military-to-civilian transition and terminology);
  • Advertising and marketing copy/creative;
  • Copy editing (i.e., academic papers*, business documents, periodicals, and web content);
  • Copywriting, including technical writing for various industries (i.e., communications, construction, engineering, and information technology);
  • Cover Letter critique and composition; and
  • Proposal writing.


Christine's Critiques is poised to start with everything from existing draft documents, to broad ideas and concepts not yet finalized; whatever your writing needs, I can work with what you have.  

Step 1: Once your overall needs (including your desired timeline) have been initially identified, and following our initial consultation, I will provide an estimated price quote. 

Step 2: Once you have submitted your draft (if applicable), or have identified your concept or general requirements, I will prepare a basic outline or "game plan" for your concurrence; before going any further, we will ensure we are all in agreement on exactly what is needed.  (Although very rare, if the project appears at this stage to be more complex than initially anticipated, it is at this point that I will provide a revised quote; should this be the case, we may continue or not at your discretion.)

Steps 3 through Finalization: The remainder of the process will involve several communications between Christine's Critiques and the Client, with everything from updated drafts sent for your approval, to requests for clarification (i.e., if further explanation is required with regard to a position you've held in the past, or if I require confirmation of the spelling of proper names).  Typically, this involves three to five emails, and in some cases, one or more conversations by phone or by Skype -- whatever the situation dictates.  

The finished product may be completed within hours, days, or weeks, depending upon the magnitude or complexity of the project, and upon your desired timeline.

Together, we will produce the written product you need!

Christine's Critiques


*Note: While copy editing of academic papers is a service offered by this company, Christine's Critiques will not, under any circumstances, author an academic paper, nor any other document intended to be submitted and/or otherwise presented as another individual's original work product.  This company maintains a high ethical standard, and will not be party to fraud or plagiarism of any kind -- so please don't ask!